Washable Mat Maintenance

This informational page only pertains to the Fast-Brake washable mats. It does does pertain to sheet based mats. Sheet based mats should not be washed.

To maintain adhesion quality from washable mats, it is necessary to remove particles collected over use. The frequency required is dependent on several factors like how often the mat is used, the surrounding floor cleanliness condition, number of users.

Follow these simple instructions below: (read all first before proceeding)

  • Typically, users remove the washable mat from the base. Lift up material and gently pull away from base.
  • Wash mat material in warm, soapy water by hand. No need to let material ‘soak’. Do not wash with water that is hot and/or boiling.
  • When debris removed, rinse material with clean, warm water.
  • Towel off excess water from material using non-abrasive cloth.
  • Wait for air to complete drying of material.
  • Reapply material to base.
  • Do not walk on or use base until the mat material is dry.

Please contact us if you have question(s) prior to proceeding with above for the first time.