Fast-Brake Starter Kit Multi-Pack – 4 Starter Team Kits 18×19. 4 Bases, 8 Mats, 240 sheets. Sheet color white, blue or clear. Your graphic top left corner. Customer supplies graphic. FREE SHIP. FB2404TG



Product Description

Item: 2404TG.
Base size 18×19 inches.
Mat sheets: 15.5 x 17.75 inches– with our special Ultra Grip‘.
4 bases, 8 mats or 240 sheets. Each mat sheet is sequentially numbered 1-30. Mat sheet colors are: white, blue or clear. Each base has rounded bevel cut handle, all edges are rounded bevel cut, all corners are rounded. Base includes our special floor grip backing that is perfect for sport arena wood floors.
Your graphic added to each of the 4 bases, top left corner of base.
Equip many teams for low cost. Original cost of 4 starter kits with graphic $79 each or total $270. This special group team discount provides 4 starter kits with graphic $56 each or total $224. Plus FREE shipping.

To add this item to shopping cart, first select the color of mat sheets desired: white, blue or clear.

You have the option to include a Graphic in Top Left Corner of Base. You must supply your graphic to Fast-Brake within 24 hours if you would like to have included on your base. Email graphic to Fast-Brake at or supply Fast-Brake with your custom graphic on our Thank You page after placing your order.

When you’ve used your last sheet on a mat, place this new replacement mat on top of your existing base.
If base has a graphic in center area to view, you should order Clear mats.

Greater savings when ordering more than one. Change in quantity will show this discounted price on shopping cart.

You may order mats in different colors on same order. You will receive the quantity discount level based on the total mat number. Select mat color in drop down box, quantity and click “Add to Cart”. Repeat for desired colors. Cart will detail mats by color, quantity, price.

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White, Blue, Clear

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