Customize Your Base


Want to add your own team / company graphic or logo to the base? All you need to do is supply us the graphic file and we’ll do all the work. It typically is done the same day you submit order. We then email you a picture proof of your graphic on base prior to ship.

You may not wish to supply a graphic, but wish to add a few text words to the base? You email us on the text you wish to include on base. Remember that graphics and text are located in either the upper top left corner of base, or in the center of the base. This is dependent on the product you order. Products with item name that includes ‘TG’ are for top left, and ‘CG’ are for base centered graphic.

Don’t submit your graphic or text until you have actually placed an order.

Want to see some examples of what others have done? Click here.

Click on this link if you want to view our web site graphic submission form page.