How do Fast-Brake Sport Mats work?

Fast-Brake Sport Mats remove court dust, grit and wax from athletic shoe bottoms for enhanced traction. Starter Kits consist of a mat with peelable sheets containing special adhesive that removes dust and grit from shoe bottoms as you walk across it and a plastic base that secures the mat to the floor and can easily be transported to a different location. Check out our How Fast-Brake Works page for a video that shows Fast-Brake Sport Mats in action.

Click on this link if you wish to view a film clip of the product is set up and how it actually removes shoe dust and grit when using.

How does the two Fast-Brake base sizes compare to each other?

The larger base is 28”x29” inches and weighs approx 3 lbs. The smaller base size 18”x19” inches and weighs approx 1½ lbs. Both work great. The larger base offers ability for multiple players to walk across at same time and with larger area, one sheet can last longer. The smaller base is a little easier to transport and costs less for base and mats. See the side by side picture below:




I’m new to Fast-Brake and sport adhesive mats. Where do I start?

Select a Fast-Brake Sport Mat Starter Team Kit, which contains everything you need to get started:  A mat with peelable sheets containing special adhesive that removes dust and grit from shoe bottoms as you walk across it and a plastic base that secures the mat to the floor and can easily be transported to a different location.

Click on this link to view our complete product line. Then click on product(s) of interest to view all the details and pics.

How long does a Fast-Brake Sport Mat last?

How long a Fast-Brake Sport Mat lasts depends on a number of factors, including how many athletes use the mat and how much dirt is on the court. Each adhesive sheet can be used multiple times and can be used by multiple athletes. When one adhesive sheet is completely filled with grit, simply tear off the old sheet, revealing a fresh sheet that is ready to use. Once all the sheets on a mat have been used, simply lay down a Replacement Mat on top of the base and you are ready to go. The base is purchased one time as a part of the Starter Kit package and can be used with subsequent Replacement Mats.

How many adhesive sheets are there per mat?

Each mat contains 30 adhesive sheets. With the Premium Starter Team Kits you receive 2 mats with 30 adhesive sheets each for a total of 60 sheets.

How are Fast-Brake Sport Mats different than the competition?

We are proud to offer the best solution for improving indoor court traction. Fast-Brake Sport Mats feature an Ultra Grip technology, offering enhanced stickiness to remove court dust and grit without leaving behind any sticky residue and without harming shoes or the floor. With Fast-Brake, you have the option to add your team logo to the mat base at no charge to the Premium Starter Team Kits and your logo is positioned at the top of the base so your logo will not be hidden by shoe grime. Last, but not least, Fast-Brake is proudly made in America.

Fast-Brake Sport Mats have been used by thousands of teams, including Pro, D1-Dx Universities and Colleges, High Schools and Middle Schools, Community Sport Groups (traveling or rec), Fitness Centers, Recreational Centers. Sport Consultants, etc.

Will the adhesive on the Fast-Brake Sport Mat hurt the floor or my shoes? Will the adhesive leave any residue?

Fast-Brake Sport Mats feature a safe, tested synthetic adhesive that does not harm skin, shoes, or the floor and that does not leave any sticky residue. In addition, the polyethylene film contains a special anti-microbial agent to provide long lasting protection against bacterial growth.

How do I add my team logo to the Fast-Brake Sport Mat base? How do I customize my Fast-Brake Sport Mat?

Customizing your mat is easy. First, order your Fast-Brake Starter Kit, selecting either the premium Starter Team Kits 18” x 19”+ Free Graphic or the premium Starter Team Kits 28” x 29” + Free Graphic. After your order is placed, you will be directed to a webpage that confirms your order and allows you to upload your team logo graphic. To upload your logo graphic, click Browse, select the file you want to submit and click Open. Logo graphic files must be saved in the following formats: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png. File size cannot exceed 1MB. Enter your name, the e-mail address you used when placing your order and an optional subject and message. Finally, click submit. You will receive a confirmation email with a preview of your mat base with your logo graphic within 24 hours and will be asked to approve your logo via email. Please note: Your Fast-Brake Starter Kit will not ship until you approve your logo graphic via the confirmation email.

If you do not have your logo graphic ready immediately after you place your order, do not worry. First, place your order so we can tie your soon to be received graphic to your actual order. You can return to the Fast-Brake website at a later time and submit your logo graphic by clicking on the “Customize Your Mat” tab at the top of any Fast-Brake page or by emailing your logo graphic to fastinfo@fast-brake.com. Please note: If you order the premium Starter Team Kit 18” x 19” + Free Graphic or the premium Starter Team Kit 28” x 29” + Free Graphic, your Starter Kit will not ship until you submit your logo graphic and approve your logo graphic via the confirmation email.

Click on this link if you want to view our web site graphic submission form page.

Which size Sport Mat is right for me?

Both the 18” x 19” Fast-Brake Sport Mat and 28” x 29” Fast-Brake Sport Mat can be used by individuals or by teams. The 28” x 29” mat is larger and contains more surface area on the adhesive sheets to remove court dust and grit. The smaller 18” x 19” mat is compact, easy to transport and takes up less floor space. Check out our How Fast-Brake Works page for a video that shows the sizes of the Fast-Brake Sport Mats.

Where should I store my Fast-Brake Sport Mat?

Store your Fast-Brake Sport Mat at normal room temperature. Do not store it in direct sunlight. Never stand mats on edge or lean them. If your mat is not adhered to a base, it should be laid on flat surface. If stored properly, mats can remain in storage for up to a year.

Which sports benefit from Fast-Brake Sport Mats?

Fast-Brake Sport Mats improve traction for any indoor court sport, including basketball, volleyball, fencing, racquetball, handball, tennis, floor ball, floor hockey, cheer leading, pep teams, aerobics, stretching and floor exercise, squash, and more.

How to affix a Fast-Brake mat to a Fast-Brake base?

It is extremely simple, quick and easy to install a new mat on a base, or replace an existing totally used up mat.

Click on this link for step-by-step mat installation instruction page (with pics).

What financial service do you use for credit card verification?

Fast-Brake uses PayPal, an online, instant credit card verification service. PayPal is owned by eBay, and processes millions of credit card transactions daily.
Paypal uses industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.
PayPal does not share your financial information with the merchant. We do not take your credit card confidential info via phone call-in.
PayPal sends you a confirmation email when order is placed. Fast-Brake will also email an order confirmation to you.

I’m not a PayPal member. Can I make a purchase using my credit card?

Our credit card verification process is done instantly online via eBay’s PayPal services. When placing your order, you will view a web page that asks if you wish to pay using PayPal membership. You do not need to be a PayPal member to make a purchase from us. Just below that PayPal offering and on same web page there is an option to make credit card payment directly, without any membership.

Can you ship to a different address than the bill to address?

Yes, since our products are many times purchased as gift for someone else and the ship to needs to be different than bill to. On on-line entry form, you will first enter bill to info name, address, telephone, email. Then there is a ‘check box’ to indicate that you wish to ship to a different location than bill to. Once you click, you will then enter ship to info name and address.

Will you ship to a PO box address?

We do not ship to a PO box. Please supply a physical street address for ship to when completing order form.

How long does it take to receive once order placed?

If a standard order without graphic on base, we typically ship same or next day. If a graphic is to be included on base, we first must receive you graphic (or message telling us what text to include). We then set up base with graphic, take pic and email to you. Once you approve, we typically ship that same day or next. Our standard ship is via ground and typical delivery of 1-4 business days (US 48 st) depending on geo location from our Minnesota location. Request for signature upon delivery may be required.

Click on this link if you wish to see a US map for delivery time estimate, state by state.